Band of Gamers now on iTunes!

Destiny-Gaurdians-resized-1440x1440Hey everyone, you're favorite podcasting crew on the Gaming World can now be found on iTunes HERE!

And if you do have iTunes, we'd really love a grew review! 😉

For those who have Adroid devices, check out new BOG Podcast RSS feed HERE.

And as always, if you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to leave them with us below!


The Band of Gamers crew.


2 Responses to Band of Gamers now on iTunes!

  1. osiris prime says:

    Whoa, we are big time now!!

  2. Greylock3491 says:

    Yes, and it looks like I need to tweak the MP3 tags so more info shows up in iTune – well one step at a time!
    Does anyone have show notes for 19? It’s missing from the google doc…

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